For Parents


Parent – Teacher Meeting

The school organizes Parent - Teacher Meeting every 2nd Saturday of the month on a regular basis aimed at promoting the scholastic and non-scholastic attainment of the child. Parents are expected to play an important role by attending such meetings and providing the teachers with feed-back and suggestions. Parents should promptly acknowledge all school circulars / notes given in the students diary.

Other Features

  1. Character building is the primary aim.
  1. Individual attention is given to each student in school.
  1. Moral instruction by example rather than precept.
  1. Academic instructions, especially in Junior School, are given by play-way methods rather than by dogmatic methods.
  1. Maintenance of discipline is by love rather than by punishment.
  1. Clarification of Dignity of Labour by organizing various Social Service Projects through the Interact Club.
  1. General, moral and spiritual education, forms an important part of the Morning Assembly.
  1. Physical Education constitutes an essential part of the curriculum.
  1. Every student is expected to see the Notice Board daily.
  1. The school takes out an annual magazine “Water Lily” and the quarterly “News Letter”.
  1. Prefectural system: Students are selected as Prefects on the basis of merit to help maintain discipline in school and to develop in them the leadership qualities.
  1. Young boys and girls are offered a number of well-organized and planned educational programmes and projects including various hobbies and activities to nurture talents in students.
  1. Emphasis is laid on the cultural heritage of India.

An Earnest Appeal

  1. Parents are earnestly requested not to apply for leave and should avoid meeting their words when the classes are in progress. However in an emergency, they can meet them with the permission of the Principal and can apply for leave before hand, if it is unavoidable. Absence from the school can be really harmful to student's educational progress.
  1. Parents should send the child in neat and clean, and proper school uniform.
  1. Emphasis should be laid on personal hygiene of their word.